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I’m Ready to Begin Working Out – Now What?

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I’m Ready to Begin Working Out – Now What?

You are not alone if you’ve been having trouble starting and following through with an exercise plan. Many people struggle to begin working out, despite their best intentions. Starting and following through with a fitness program is beneficial in many ways. Physical activity improves energy, sleep, and mood and prevents chronic health issues. It also promotes weight loss. However, working out as a routine requires a smart approach and the right mindset.
While busy schedules and poor health can make exercising difficult, the biggest barrier is often the mental aspect. From a lack of confidence and motivation, you can easily get discouraged. If you’ve luckily overcome the mental barrier, the following steps can help you adhere to your fitness routine.

1. Evaluate Your Fitness Level.

You should have an idea of your fitness level to form a baseline. Assessing and recording your basic fitness scores makes it easy to track progress over time. You can assess flexibility, muscular, and aerobic fitness by recording the following:

  • Pulse rate before and after a one-mile walk
  • The time it takes to complete a one-mile walk or run 1.5 miles
  • How many standard pushups can you do
  • Waist circumference
  • Body mass index
  • How far can you stretch forward when seated with legs in front

While at it, you should remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. For instance, a short walk is better than lying on your bed. One minute of low-intensity activity is better than no activity.

2. Design a Suitable Fitness Program

  • Prioritize your fitness goals – there are endless reasons for starting to work out. Are you preparing for an upcoming marathon? Do you want to lose weight or want to get fit? Identifying clear goals can help you design a suitable program and keeps you motivated.
  • Design a balanced routine – adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly per the current recommendations. If your schedule is packed, you can achieve this by scheduling 30 minutes of exercise 5 times weekly. You should exercise at least 300 minutes weekly for weight loss benefits. Your routine should include strength training exercises twice weekly to benefit main muscle groups.
  • Start slowly and increase gradually – you should ease into the exercises and progress slowly. Consult your exercise therapist or doctor if you have some medical condition or major injury. An exercise therapist can design a fitness program that improves strength, endurance, and range of motion.
  • Integrate your program into your daily routine – setting aside time for exercise is challenging. Therefore, you should intentionally find time for exercising, as you would with official appointments.
  • Integrate your program into your daily routine – setting aside time for exercise is challenging. Therefore, you should intentionally find time for exercising, as you would with official appointments.
  • Have time for recovery – while you should work out with frantic zeal, extensive workouts can injure muscles. Set aside enough time for recovery.

3. Get Prepared and Get Started

Make sure you have the correct type of equipment or athletic wear, in order to help your workouts be productive and successful. Will you need weights? A Yoga mat? New running shoes? Maybe your new routine requires a fitness app to help track your progress or vitals? As you begin the fitness program, remember to start slowly and advance gradually, consider breaking up workout sessions, be flexible, and listen to your body.

4. Monitor Progress

You should reevaluate your fitness levels a few weeks after starting the program. You might notice an increase in endurance and improvement in other performance metrics. If you feel discouraged and demotivated, set new fitness goals, or try new activities.


Getting started with a fitness routine is important. However, it shouldn’t necessarily be overwhelming. You can make exercising a routine by planning your fitness routine and pacing slowly. Choose enjoyable activities and reward yourself.
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