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Which Workouts Work Best For You?

By 08/07/2019March 17th, 2020Mind & Body, Personal Training
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Everyone needs to stay fit and physically active to lead a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. But not everyone’s body is the same, nor does everyone have the same exact goals in mind when they decide to join a group fitness class.

Having a “workout family,” a workout schedule, and other people to encourage you to keep with it makes group fitness classes a wise choice for all levels of exercisers regardless of body shape/build. But these factors may affect which workout class will work best for you.

Here are 4 body types and some ideas on the types of exercises and workout classes that well match them:


If your upper and lower body are about equal in size but your middle is significantly slimmer, we call this an hourglass figure. This doesn’t automatically mean you are already fit, but it does mean you will have a somewhat easier time gaining both muscle and fat.

Circuit training is normally the best approach for an hourglass. Instead of just doing one main exercise, you want a multi-focused session. You might, for example, join a cycling class, get into an aqua fitness group to challenge all your joints, and engage in light to moderate weight lifting two or three days a week.

And be sure to do a variety of exercises targeting both your upper and lower body – perhaps by joining a total fitness class.


With a straight body type, where your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width and your middle is about the same as well, it is much more difficult to gain either fat or muscle than with an hourglass type.

Tai Chi is very popular with straight body types (though not limited to this body type). It consists of mimicking a series of body motions again and again. Yoga is also very popular in this body type.

Compound exercises will help you meet the challenge of building muscle, even when your body type makes it more difficult. Joining a class where multiple muscles and joints are involved in individual exercises is a smart choice.


An athletic body is defined as one where the shoulders are a bit wider than the hips and the legs are relatively thin. In this case, your body type makes it harder for you to gain fat but easier to gain muscle mass.

Basically, those with an athletic body have an advantage that lets them potentially do well with any and all workout sessions. However, there is still the matter of experience and whether you are already in shape, which will affect whether you join a class designed for beginners or a more intense, “Olympic” style total workout group.

You should include a total body workout in your repertoire, along with specific training in any areas you want to especially focus on. If you are training for a particular sport, track and field event, or other purpose, that will obviously guide your decision-making process here.


There are, of course, many other body types as well – too many to list them all here. Apple-shaped bodies have a round middle with wide hips, while pears are wider at the hips and middle than toward the top.

The main focus with these body types would likely be to trim down extra belly fat. A good general lifetime fitness class might be the best choice.

Regardless of your body type, fitness level, experience level, and specific workout goals, Amarillo Town Club has a group fitness class that’s right for you! Contact us today to learn about our wide range of workout class types.