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Friends in Training

Why Team F.I.T?

Join Team F.I.T. for accountability, fresh workout ideas, and exciting challenges. The ATC community keeps you on track, providing the support you need to stay motivated. Joining Team F.I.T. also provides you with many opportunities to enter to win a FREE ATC membership for 2025.

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Getting involved

People like YOU

TEAM F.IT. (Friends-In-Training) is a series of fitness challenges and events developed by the Amarillo Town Club to motivate you to train and meet your fitness goals. Team F.I.T. is for any ATC member interested: those brand-new to fitness as well as seasoned athletes.


team f.i.t. 

team f.i.t. 

team f.i.t. 

team f.i.t. 

team f.i.t. 

team f.i.t.


Pick from five Team F.I.T. teams or join multiple teams for a diverse range of challenges. Every five challenges completed within the team you choose is an additional entry in the end-of-year drawing. 

Team Bike

Team Run

Team Lift

Team Swim

Team Group


What’s happening

Bench Off

ATC Cornell 4514 Cornell St, Amarillo, Tx, TX, United States

Bench Off Competition Ready to lift some weights? Join us...

Team f.i.t.

Frequently asked questions

What areas of fitness does Team F.I.T focus on?

We will have a team for Swim, Bike, Run, and Lift.

Who can join?

Team F.I.T. is for any ATC member, regardless of fitness level. Team F.I.T. is exclusively offered to ATC members only.

*Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult while swimming. Must be 16+ to participate in LIFT.

How do I join?

Sign-up at the Front Desk of either ATC location; 4514 Cornell or 7700 Hillside. Registration opens in January. Your enrollment will be valid until December 31.

What is the sign up fee?

There is a sign up fee of $35/year for Adults (16+) and a $30/year fee for Children (15 and younger)

What do I get when I sign up?

On top of loads of free information, motivational emails, and training tips, you will receive an official TEAM F.I.T. competitive t-shirt. You can also request access to our private Facebook group:

How do I stay involved once I sign up?

Our team coaches send out periodic emails with important updates, challenge details, upcoming events, and more. Plus, our coaches are just a click away to help keep you motivated throughout the year.

What is a Team F.I.T. Challenge?

Once you’re on a team, you can choose to participate in one of our team challenges. We have a 100-mile swim challenge, a Bike Route 66 Challenge (2,400 miles), a Run Texas Challenge (1,000 miles), and a 500/1000lb Lift Club.

How do I keep track of my progress?

You can use any method to track your progress (i.e. Apple Watch, Garmin, FitBit, counters, etc.)

meet your fitness goals

Sign up at the front desk of either ATC location to get started crushing your fitness goals!

Questions? Contact us!