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Which Type Of Water Exercise Is Right For Me?

By 09/28/2017March 17th, 2020Swim
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The benefits of doing water fitness activities, such as water aerobics or swimming laps, are virtually endless.

From burning fat and relieving stress to allowing you to exercise with minimal impact on your body and joints, taking your workout to the water is a healthy, fun alternative to traditional gym training.


Water exercise is for everyone. Men, women and children of all ages can get a great cardio and strength workout in the water.

Athletes often use water exercise to cross-train or to rehabilitate after an injury. People with arthritis who can no longer do land exercises use water workouts to improve fitness and their range of motion, as well as to relieve pain and stiffness.

Whatever your age or physical condition, there’s water fitness activities for you.


Water provides a cushioning effect for stiff and painful joints, while its buoyancy means your body will bear just half of its weight as it does on land. It also provides greater resistance than air, no matter what direction you move.

Many experts praise water exercise because it enhances strength and muscle definition, improves flexibility, reduces inflammation and helps you shed extra pounds.

Water cools your body and prevents it from overheating; however, you need to keep hydrated during water exercise just as you would during a gym workout.


  • Water Aerobics
    Water aerobics classes often feature vertical exercises that mimic land exercises, like walking, running and even kickboxing.


  • Deep Water Exercise
    This type of exercise is no-impact and has been associated with rehabilitation, but it’s also excellent for a high-intensity athletic workout. You can run, jog and more, by using a flotation device.
  • Lap Swimming
    You can vary your lap swimming routine by adding different strokes, or practicing turns. Beginners — those who can swim 10 to 25 yards without stopping — should plan a 30-minute workout break that includes a warmup and cooldown.
  • Holistic Workouts
    This type of workout incorporates the favorites moves you’ve learned in yoga, pilates or tai chi.
  • Sport-Specific Workouts
    Water workouts add variety to sports conditioning routines while enabling you to target certain parts of your body.
  • Prescriptive Workouts
    Water exercise has long been prescribed for people with arthritis, but also for those who suffer asthma, obesity, back problems or who are pregnant.




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he ATC has long been Amarillo’s favorite place for swim lessons, with private and group classes available for all ages and abilities. Contact us today to learn more about our aqua fitness opportunities.

NOTICE: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This information is for general use and is not intended to be a prescription. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

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