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The 5 Worst Fitness New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make

By 01/03/2017March 16th, 2020Holidays, Lifestyle
fitness resolutions

New Year’s resolutions — the best and worst way to make positive changes in your life. While each new year brings the chance for a fresh start, research shows the majority of people that make resolutions fail to meet them.

It certainly isn’t the practice of setting goals that causes this high percentage of failure. So what is it? We’re convinced it’s the type of resolutions we make.


If you’re someone who makes resolutions year after year only to find them impossible to achieve, it’s time to take a look at the resolutions you come up with and the motive behind them.

Below are five health-related resolutions that you’ll likely never meet.


Succeeding in losing weight is mostly about your mindset. Something as simple as a number can alter the way you think about your goals, pushing you toward success or causing you to give up.

Consider throwing out those weight-loss goals that seem unrealistic. Trade them for smaller, easier-to-meet steps. Instead of resolving to lose 30 pounds by a certain date, shoot for two pounds a week. It may take longer to reach your ultimate goal, but you’re less likely to quit.


Depriving yourself is no way to live — and it’s no way to get healthy. Doing this only makes you crave those “forbidden” foods even more, leading to a junk food binge fest.

Instead of cutting out sweets altogether, for instance, try limiting your intake of sweets to dessert on the weekend.


Joining a fitness club is an effective way to learn new workouts, get the support you need to keep going, and achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

However, promising yourself you’ll hit the gym every day for an hour each time is unrealistic. Start small by aiming for half an hour three times a week, and gradually increase that time as it makes sense with your lifestyle.


Didn’t meet last year’s resolution? Don’t give it another shot. More than likely, your circumstances have changed, at least a little, since you made that resolution. Think about your current habits, responsibilities, and desires, then set goals that coincide with those factors.


It’s all too easy to jump on the bandwagon when your friend claims she wants to lose 10 pounds at the start of a new year. While having someone who can hold you accountable is a good thing, be sure to set your own goals.

Copying someone else’s resolution often fails because it wasn’t your idea. It possibly wasn’t even something you really wanted.

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