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Move Your Workout Indoors: How to Stay Fit & Healthy in Colder Months

By 10/17/2019March 17th, 2020Group Fitness, Lifestyle
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It’s no secret that winter weight gain is a common problem for the vast majority of US adults. Even those who are normally fit and trim often tend to let things go during the colder months of the year – which makes it that much harder to set things right again come spring.

Why not move your workout indoors? Here are 5 key ways to stay fit and healthy during the cold season:

1. Workout At Home

It’s a good idea to plan out your at-home exercise program a week in advance, every week, during the winter. Sitting down on a designated time and place to plan your future fitness-related actions will greatly increase the odds you will stick to it.

Be specific. Write down which exercises you will do, how many reps, for how long, and in which order. Vary the routine based on which day it is a bit too, so that each day will be “special.” Also, get encouragement to persevere by working out with a friend.

2. Join Your Local Gym!

There’s a lot you can do to stay fit and active right at home, but the equipment, space and environment, and positive peer pressure available at your local gym or fitness club should also be a part of your overall winter workout plan.

Consider joining a group fitness program this year. It will help to keep you motivated regardless of the weather outside – it will still be pleasant and dry inside the gym regardless.

Choosing a fitness center near where you live or on the way to/from work each day, and working your group fitness session into your regular schedule will do wonders in fighting winter weight gain!

3. Do Extra “Little Actions”

Another key to staying fit during the fall and winter is simply keeping active in general – even when you are not specifically working out at the moment.

For example, park in the back of the parking lot at the store so you can get in some extra walking. Walk to the post office and back, or to the bank or anywhere else within a mile or two in town, instead of always driving.

And consider setting and tracking daily goals for step-counts with a smartphone app!

4. Maintain A Healthy Diet

With all the focus on exercising, don’t forget to pay attention to the other side of health and fitness – your diet.

All too often, the cold creates a craving for high-sugar, fatty, and starchy foods. Getting a junk food fix is a big temptation when you start to get bored at home when it’s too cold to get outside and do something.

Fight winter fat by stocking up on high-protein, vitamin-rich foods ahead of time and planning out your daily and weekly menu. Include Omega 3 sources like coldwater fish, seeds, and nuts. Have healthy snacks high in protein and low in fat always on hand so you won’t be tempted to snack on something you shouldn’t!

5. Protect Your Sleep Patterns

Another problem with cold weather that can mess up your fitness program is a disrupted sleep pattern. Lack of sunlight can ill affect our circadian rhythms, causing loss of sleep or too much of it.

Either way, you need to take action to promote regular sleep patterns throughout the winter – here are some suggestions to that end.

Don’t let colder weather get you down or cause you to slip in regard to health and fitness! Talk to us at Amarillo Town Club today to join a group fitness program or otherwise get started on using our up-to-date, fully stocked facilities.