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Healthy Summer Lunches and Snacks

By 07/06/2022Health

Healthy Summer Lunches and Snacks

The increase in temperatures during summer also increases internal body temperatures. As such, most people experience dehydration, irritation, restlessness, and tiredness. Increasing body stressors demand better nutrition. Unfortunately, the summer heat negatively affects your appetite. Most people prefer drinking water or juice to cool down internal temperatures.

However, drinking a lot of fluids fills your stomach and satisfies your appetite without providing nutrients and minerals to the body. Below are healthy summer food options and snacks to keep you going.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The summer season is the best time to eat various juicy fruits and vegetables. Some of the best fruit choices for summer include:

  • Watermelon – is a seasonal fruit for good reasons. Watermelon comprises 91.45% water, which fulfills the body’s water requirements. It also contains excellent antioxidant properties and has a cooling effect.
  • Cucumber – including cucumber in your summer diet wades off possible constipation. It is rich in water and fiber.
  • Curd – is a delicious fruit that has cooling effects on the body.
  • Coconut – coconut water is probably the most popular summer drink. It has great cooling properties that lower internal temperatures. Inconclusive research also shows that coconut water protects the body from various cancers.
  • Onions – while it is surprising, onions also have a cooling effect. However, you shouldn’t eat onions raw to avoid ruining your taste. Mix raw onions with lemon and other fruits and eat them as a salad.

As for the vegetables, include dark-green, red, and orange options, such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes, in your meal. Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial. However, don’t overcook them, as excessive heat dehydrates them.

Half the grains should be whole grains

You should switch from refined-grain foods to whole-grain foods during summer. For instance, you should prefer whole-wheat bread to white bread. The key to making these selections is counterchecking the ingredient list. Choose products that have whole-grain ingredients. Prioritize products with brown rice, buckwheat, rolled oats, oatmeal, bulgur, and wild rice in their ingredient profiles.

Choose lean protein foods

Summer is also the best season to explore various lean protein food options. While poultry, eggs, dry beans, peas, nuts, meat, and seafood are excellent sources of proteins, opt for lean cuts of chicken breast, turkey breast, and ground beef. They should be more than 90% lean.

Drink water instead of sugary drinks

Most people make poor dietary choices when quenching their thirst. You should cut calorie intake by drinking water and unsweetened beverages instead of sugary drinks, such as soda and energy drinks. Sugary drinks are the main source of unhealthy sugars and calories. You can add lime, watermelon, or a slice of lemon to add some flavor to your water.

Reduce solid fats

You should avoid consuming foods with solid fats. Common sources of solid fat in diet include cakes, cookies, and desserts made with margarine or butter. Fatty meats, processed meats (hot dogs, ribs, sausages, and bacon), pizza, and ice cream also contain solid fats, which aren’t good for the body.

Healthy snacking

To beat your snack cravings, always keep chopped fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, such as carrots and orange slices. Make sure that water is part of your snack time. Ensure that your family members differentiate occasional snacks (cookies and sweets) from everyday snacks, mainly fruits, and vegetables.

Bottom Line

Planning your summer diet can prove challenging. However, you should be conscious of your food intake for overall wellness. Apart from these food options, you should try various healthy summer recipes and workout routines to maintain optimal health and wellness. Contact us at Amarillo Town Club to help your fitness journey get started on the right foot! We have plenty of fitness and class options to fit your needs.