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Fact Or Fiction: Does Muscle REALLY Weigh More Than Fat?

By 03/09/2016March 13th, 2020Lifestyle, Weight Loss
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You’ve probably heard muscle weighs more than fat. Well, we’re afraid this a bit of a lie. The little known truth is that lean muscle actually weighs about the same as fat.


Lean muscle and fat weigh nearly the same, pound for pound. However, this statement must be qualified with more information to shed light on the entire truth of the matter.

The actual composition of lean muscle and fat greatly differs. Muscle is characterized by its high density and lean aesthetic; fat is more free-floating. It requires space to jiggle around as it has a comparably low volume. This is why it appears as though someone who has an abundance of body fat looks obese when compared to an individual who has the same amount of weight but a significantly higher percentage of lean tissue.


Do NOT gauge your health and fitness level by the number on the scale. Scales are not capable of discerning between lean weight and fat weight. This is precisely why many personal trainers advise their clients to not even bother stepping on the scale. What is most important is how you feel and look.

Gauge your weight according to how your clothes fit your body. If they feel looser than they did when you first bought them, you are likely on the right path. If your clothes become tight as time progresses, your body is likely expanding with extra fat. The only exception to this off-the-scale body weight gauge is if you put in some serious time in the weight room and become so ripped that your muscles fill out your clothes.

The bottom line is that you can build a toned body and weigh more than desired. Furthermore, you can still be fat and weigh less than anticipated due to the fact that blubber weighs about the same as muscle. So, don’t view your scale as a foolproof means of determining your fitness level.


Lean muscle will propel you to a healthy lifestyle and a toned physique that boosts your endurance and performance. Muscle looks great and prevents the onset of cellulite and even some forms of aging, such as wrinkles. Work your way toward a body full of lean muscle and you’ll find that it boosts your metabolism.

A fast metabolism is one of the many keys to processing food in an expeditious manner and shedding unnecessary weight. A single pound of muscle burns plenty more calories than a single pound of fat. Muscle really does reinforce itself as a fat-burning tool.

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