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7 Healthy (And Yummy!) Snacks To Pack In Your Kid’s School Lunches

By 03/20/2018March 17th, 2020Family, Nutrition
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Let’s face it — getting kids to eat healthy is difficult enough when you’re sitting at the table with them. But when school’s in session, it can be even harder to prepare healthy meals they’ll want to eat. Not to mention the issue of finding time to put together healthy lunches!

Parents and lunch-makers, have no fear — we’re here to help you master the school lunch. Take a look at these seven healthy snacks to pack in your kids’ lunches.


Fresh Fruit

Simple but effective, fresh fruit is the perfect snack to complement your child’s school lunch. And if you wash and prepare it at the beginning of the week, it’s easy to grab a handful and toss into that lunchbox. Here are some simple, healthy options:

  • Blueberries
  • Banana slices
  • Strawberries
  • Pears
  • Grapes

Cheese And Crackers

This is one snack that’s been pleasing children’s palates for decades. Just remember to pack whole wheat crackers and real cheese.

Chips And Salsa

You probably never considered this snack a portable one, but with the right container, it certainly can be. Whole-grain tortilla chips satisfy your child’s craving for salt without the trans fats and additives. And salsa is a great way to sneak some veggies into your kid’s lunch, especially if you make your own.

Veggies And Hummus

If you’re like most parents, you struggle to get your kids to eat their vegetables. Try to find one that your child will tolerate, and then add some hummus. Make the snack more enjoyable by cutting the veggies into fun shapes and letting your child pick the hummus flavor.

Oatmeal Cookies

This snack can be a healthy option for throwing in a sweet treat for your child. Buy organic cookies or find a recipe online to make your own. There are plenty of recipes available that include healthier ingredients than traditional cookies.

Greek Yogurt

With both protein and calcium, Greek yogurt is a yummy treat your kids will enjoy without realizing they’re eating healthy. Add fresh berries to make it even tastier.

Homemade Trail Mix

Your little youngster will think she’s hit the jackpot when she sees trail mix in her lunchbox. But her win is yours, too. Avoid the pre-made kind and make your own using healthy alternatives with almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate.

With these snacks, school lunches won’t be a struggle between you and your kids. For more tips on keeping children healthy and active, be sure to subscribe to the ATC blog!

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