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How To Set Realistic Fitness Goals — And Achieve Them

By 09/08/2016March 16th, 2020Lifestyle

Making the decision to get fit is the first step in the process of improving your overall health and wellness. The next step? Setting realistic goals!

Your goals can be anything from a losing weight, building tone and muscle, or competing in a 5K or a triathlon. But it’s important to set realistic goals that you can achieve with reasonable effort. Don’t make them too easy, but don’t set the bar so high that you’ll never reach it.


Perhaps the biggest key to setting a realistic, achievable fitness goal is to have a specific aim that’s sensible. That aim could be completing a certain race distance or to a specific target weight. Do not pick a random goal that’s unrealistic. If you’ve never jogged before, setting a goal of finishing a 5K or 10K race in four months’ time is realistic. Begin building your endurance base slowly and keep track of how your body feels.

Without the focus of knowing what your aim is, your training can become scattered and take on a similar lack of focus. Develop a plan for what you want to achieve by a certain time.


Setting and achieving fitness goals is easier if it involves an activity that you enjoy and is one that appeals to your personality type. It’s something you’re going to be doing for the next several months, and if it feels like drudgery you’re more apt to get sidetracked. Think about your fitness and athletic background and the types of sports and activities you enjoyed when you were younger.

Another way to keep yourself motivated? Ask a friend or your significant other to work out with you!


Writing down your goals in a place that you’ll see them every day is a good way to stay on track and measure your progress. You can use an online fitness tracker or a standard diary to not only monitor your goals on a daily basis, but to also record the activities that are helping you to achieve them.


Let’s face it, life can get very busy, whether it’s your job, kids, social activities, and more. Fitting your training — and staying on course to achieve your goals — in your own lifestyle is vital, and developing a training schedule will make it easier to follow. If your plans are vague, then it becomes easier to skip a session.


It’s critical you set several smaller goals in your long-term plan. These targets will keep you motivated and inspired during an overall process that could last several months. It will also help you develop your fitness methodically while keep you mentally fresh.

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